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We Create A Memory That Will Last Lifetime.

our history

In 2017 Our success led us to open new markets globally and that’s why today We are here in Dubai providing the highest standards of flowers, parties and events services and end-to-end custom solutions to our clients in UAE and the middle east region as well as to continue our journey that started from Russian federation since 2005.

Venera has grown to become one of the top company in the field in Russian Federation.
Venera focused on offering top quality products and services that have made its reputation ensured customer satisfaction which is made the company to be success for more than 15 years.


Venera parties arrangement specialized in events organization, weddings planner, floral installation, natural and artificial decoration B2B & B2C, and private parties arrangement,  last not least same day online flowers delivery across UAE.

venera flowers flower delivery wedding planner events arrangements

Our services

  1. Wedding Planner: VeneraFlowers Is A Wedding Planner Through And Through, Our One-And-Only Passion Being The Creation Of Lasting Memories For Happy Couples. Red more.
  2. Parties and Events Organizing: For Your Birthday, New Baby Born, Engagement Or Private Party or A New Product Launch, For Any Occasion, Venera Flowers Provide You Full Event Organizing. Red more.
  3. Artistic Talent And Live Theatrical Show: Venera Is Artistic Talent and Live Theatrical Show Provider To The Events Arena, Our Production And Services Provided Internationally and locally. Red more.
  4. Floral Installation: B2B / b2C Whether It’s A Private Party or A New Product Launch, For Shops, Malls, Hotels and Houses. Red more.
  5. Online Flowers Delivery: Venera Flowers Providing All Kinds Of Luxury Fresh Flowers Imported From The Various Global Farms In Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Kenya, Russia and Ecuador. You And Your Love Will Enjoy Aesthetic Our Fresh Flowers Delivered To Your Door In UAE. Red more.
  6. balloons Decoration: To All Your Happy Occasions We Offer You Full Balloons Themes Installation Checkout Now It’s Really Interesting. Red more.
  7. Flower Subscription: Venera Flowers Gives You Chance To Stay Fresh With Our Flowers For A Year Checkout Our Subscription Plans. Red more.
  8. Hospitality services: 
  9. Video & photoshoot session:
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