Flower Subscription Dubai free delivery 24/7

Flower subscription Dubai

Flower Subscription Dubai

Flower Subscription Dubai free delivery 24/7 weekly monthly keep your home fresh all the time through single purchase freshness guaranteed.

Why should I opt for a plant or flower subscription?

Venera Flowers Subscription Is A Cost-Effective Way To Gift Or Enjoy Bespoke Flower Arrangements All Year Through Single Purchases.

VeneraFlowers Subscriptions have been designed to simplify your life by giving you the option to pick flowers or plants of your choice on a budget that’s comfortable for you.

It saves you the hassle of scouring shops for your favorite flowers and also saves you money as we pass on our pre-order discounts to you and cut out all costs of middlemen.

What if I want to skip a delivery?

No problem. We understand you may have commitments like travel which is why you can skip as many deliveries as you like by giving us a call On +971553353800. It’s as simple as that.

What is your cancellation policy?

Though we would hate to see you go, we make it easy for you to cancel your membership anytime, for any reason, with just a few clicks. 

Where do I go for everything else?

Check out our FAQs or Contact Us


Choose From Our Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Subscription Packages, In The Size Of Your Choice.


Your flower Arrangement Have Been Designed To Add A Touch Of Shabby Chic Elegance To Your Spaces, With New Creations Delivered To Your Doorstep Each Time.


freshness guaranteed our Hand-picked Dutch Flowers will last longer than usual.


Deliveries Can Be Made morning or evening either daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Or Monthly, Customised To Suit Your Selection.


Additionally, You Have The Choice To Pay Upfront Or As You Go, Giving You Complete Freedom To Control The Frequency Of Your Subscription.


Our First-Time Subscribers Also Get A Free Vase Or Planter That’s Created To Perfectly Fit Your Flowers Or Plants, On Their First Delivery.


AED 299

1 bouquet per week

free vase first time

free cancelation anytime

personalized bouquet

Basic flower

Most Popular


AED 999

4 bouquet per month

free vase first time

free cancelation anytime

personalized bouquet

permium flowers


AED 11000

48 bouquet per year

free vase first time

free cancelation anytime

personalized bouquet

VIP flowers

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